Friday, October 10, 2014

Biopsy Report

My oncologist just called with the biopsy report.  There are no surprises, it is cancer.  She told me what type, and it did not register in my brain.  It is the most common type and I am sure I will get a written report in the next week or so.

So now we have a real game plan.  Monday I will have the port put in.  Tuesday they will set up my chemo sessions.  I will receive two types of chemo at the infusion clinic.   I  will then receive a portion of one that will be slowly released over several days at home.  Then repeat.  This is the broad picture.  I will get more details later.  The first round will be for 6 weeks.  Each visit takes around a half a day. 

The plan is to stop the cancer and to hopefully shrink the mass.  Again odds are not great, but gonna try what is out there to fight with.  This may or may not make me sick.  A few people don't have much trouble with this type of chemo, but most do.  She is upping my nausea medicine and pain medicine.  After the port implant Monday, I can try different forms of marijuana. 

Please keep me and Marty on your prayer list. 

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