Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quick update

As has been said, Chemo is not for wimps.  It is a powerful enemy/ally.  I was bedridden, commode hugging, running down the hall sick.  The  thought of food gagged me, swallowing anything was torture.  I  pushed and ate a little, and then each day I was a little stronger, able to eat a little more.  I had to eat, or chemo would win.  The last couple of days I could eat more calories.  It did not matter what I ate, I  just had to eat.  Milky Ways, M&M's, Hot Chocolate, calories.

This morning I woke up and said pancakes.  Yes, I wanted pancakes and Chef Marty made me bacon and pancakes.  I ate two pieces of bacon and two and a half pancakes.  Also I had a little milk with breakfast.  It was all so good.  I am going to eat lots of calories to try to stop the weight loss.  Never thought I would ever worry about being too skinny. 

Wednesday the chemo begins again.  At least there won't be so many surprises this time.  I have a little idea of what will be thrown at  me. 

Tonight or Monday I will put up Joe's latest post.  It is a good one.  So watch for it.  Joe will keep wedding info coming to us.  

Joe' s wife, Sue, is now on my babysitters' list.  She has sat with me and has offered to drive when needed.  I have such fabulous friends. Keep Joe and Sue in your prayers because I love them and they love me.  And we all need love and prayers.  I pray for all of you out there every night.  You are a huge support for me. 

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