Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chemo update

The only words that come to mind are urppy, icky, and shitty.  There are many side effects to the 3  chemo drugs I am taking, and several wandered through my body the past week.  I will not identify the side effects (SE from now on).  I don't want anyone borrowing trouble, they will have enough on their own.

It has been ugly but I feel a little better today.  The  big problem is we are afraid things will strike while in the car, standing in line at the lab, anywhere but our home.  Sleep is my friend, if asleep I don't suffer the nausea and other SE.  But the SE will get me out of bed quickly.

I am a little afraid to stay alone now. Cleaning up me and the bathroom is no small task.  And two attacks I could only stand there while I was helped.   Marty has done things that had never crossed our minds I would need.   Not in the wedding vows to hose off your spouse or to shop in the embarrassing part of the drug store.  Not in the marriage vows to dress me and then have to do it all over again in 15 minutes. 

Yesterday friend Kirsten sat with me while Marty was at a meeting. She had agreed to this before this latest SE had hit. I must say she is a wonderful friend.  She cleaned me up, washed the floor and everything I had destroyed, and spot cleaned the carpet.  Then she gathered up cleaning rags, my night shirt and other towels.  Those she took home to launder for me.  If you haven't been there you have no idea what a huge deal this was.  Love you Kirsten.

I know I am getting better.  I had a frozen Milky Way. 

Thanks to all of our friends and new friends with your prayers, cards and likes/comments on Facebook.  I have been blessed with a worldwide support network.  I feel overwhelmed.  Love to you all,

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Mallory Triplett said...

You're a trooper! I know that chemo ain't for sissies...been through it with my mother, who was definitely the sergeant of the troop of troopers, and I can tell you it wasn't pretty...never is, it seems. It's an eye-opening experience for the patient and the family, but you will get through. Your humor is one of your biggest allies in this, as well as positivity, so keep it up as much as possible. We're all pulling for you!