Monday, January 5, 2015

A small update

Everyday I am gaining strength.  I  can stand steadier, do my leg exercises higher, stay awake longer. I fix my breakfast and lunch by myself.  And at supper I set the table  and then do the dishes.  Baby steps are getting longer. My appetite is pretty good. I  am still having some intestinal problems, but they are less than before. 

This is the last week for the home care nurse and physical therapist.  Chemo will begin again on the 13th.  IF blood work shows I am strong enough.  Then we will see if I can tolerate the new chemo.  It will be much less than I was doing before. Side effects should be much less.  It will be an hour session instead of the 5 hour and take home chemo.  We are now going for quality of life. 

Prayers are still needed for Marty and me.  He is carrying a huge burden and is tired.  I am strong enough to be alone some for him to run errands and see clients.  But I do get nervous after a couple of hours alone.  I have been so protected the last month, that independence is scary.

Friend Kirsten still is organizing babysitters for me so Marty can work and get out of the house every now and then. I don't so much need help as knowledge it is there if needed.

I wish I could go to my book group and get back to marrying couples.  But that can't happen.  I can't be around all those strange germs.

Much love to all my prayer warriors.  I pray for all of you every night.

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