Friday, January 16, 2015

A weekly update

First to the chemo which was Tuesday the 13th.  It took a much shorter time, 2 hours instead of 4 or 5.  It would have been maybe an hour an a half but the pharmacy was short staffed and wasn't putting out drugs in a timely manner.  There have been NO side effects, great  joy.  But I know realistically that chemo is accumulative.  So we will see  how next week will go.

A little over a week ago I  found a plum size lump on my lower abdomen.  of course I was close to panic mode.  I saw a primary care doctor and she arranged for me to see a surgeon that afternoon.  That really freaked me out.  He was very reassuring and thought it was a bruise/collection of blood from the Lovenox shots (blood thinner).  I was to do warm compresses for a week.  If it didn't disappear in a week, I was to come back for a needle biopsy.

You see where this going, don't you?  Of course it did not go away.  It was a little smaller but was still there.  So I had the needle biopsy.  I have had other needle biopsies, and they aren't too bad.  But they put me close to a panic attack.  What are they going to find out?  Is there a spread, or is it another type of cancer?  Scary on the table as my mind went nuts. 

The doctor who looks like he is about 15 years old is very good.  He explained everything he was going to do.  He would pre-numb the lump, and that would sting some.  Next he would make a HOLE in the lump and then take samples.  A hole?  Are you kidding me?  Nope he made a hole which later he put a stitch in.  The samples were gelatinous blood, just as he thought.  So he squeezed out as much as he could.  He said, "This is just like popping a zit."  The man has a sense of humor.  The samples are off to the lab and it will be next week before a final report.

I am sore and swollen.  The swelling will last a few weeks.  This was a little more than other needle biopsies I have had.  But I am not worried, doctors don't say it is OK without a lot of evidence.  I have to wear a stomach band (it looks like a back brace) for a few weeks.  This is to keep the swelling down somewhat.

Yes, I do have to throw in some drama every now and then.  It just wouldn't be me if I didn't.

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