Sunday, January 11, 2015

How do I spend my day as I recover?

Just what does someone recovering from heart problems and side effects from chemo do all day?  When I came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago, not a whole hell of a lot.  Now I am stronger and every day is better.

I get up and fix my breakfast.  I have been eating a lot of eggs lately, they want me to eat lots of protein.  So we forget the cholesterol problem.  Pills control that.  Plus I don't do eggs everyday.  Then I clean me up and put on real clothes.  At first a shower wore me out, but now not so tired.  About this time I take my shot and pills.

Now it is time for the leg exercises for my swollen legs.  I do these twice a day.  The legs are now looking close to normal in the morning but by evening they are swollen.  But nothing like when I came home.

Because of the swollen legs I am to sit and keep my legs up most of the time.  So my recliner is my best friend.  Of course it isn't good to just sit all day, so I walk down the hall every couple of hours.

I watch a lot of idiot TV.  I have lots of mindless shows recorded and they fill up the day.  I watch a lot of the Home and Garden channel, History channel, and The Learning Channel.  House Hunters, Property Brothers, Love it or List it, Say Yes to the Dress, What not to wear, American Pickers and on and on.  When I had the eye infection this helped me keep my sanity, because I couldn't see well enough to read.  Now I am able to read and that fills up a lot of the day.

I fix my lunch and wash up breakfast and lunch dishes.  Then it is back to the recliner to watch TV or to read.  And maybe to nap.  After a rest I walk the apartment to build strength.  Up to 10 minutes.  going for 15 today.

Supper Marty cooks, and now I can set the table and wash up dishes.  Then it is time for leg exercises and then into my jammies.  Marty and I watch better TV together until bedtime. Pills and another shot in the early evening. Then to bed and the next day it all begins again. 

Many days we go to Kaiser for blood work and doctor appointments.  Next week chemo begins again.  This time I will have three weeks of chemo and then we will evaluate what is happening.

Yes, pretty  boring at times.  But it is making me stronger.  I hope to not need a wheel chair when we go to Kaiser Monday.  It is a big building and a lot of walking.  Hope I can do it.

Oh, today I am feeling great.  So I have made chili for supper.  Marty is excited to not have to cook.

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