Friday, January 23, 2015

Hey, I did some normal today.

Friend Kirsten firmly believes that if I am walking it should be outside, not in the apartment.  She also understands I am still wobbly and shouldn't walk alone outside the apartment.  So she offered to take me to the San Leandro Marina and walk with me .  She also believes if walking you should have beauty to look at.   The marina area is on San Francisco Bay, talk about beauty.

Today she picked me up and drove us out to the Marina.  It was a bright warmish day, and breezy. We walked a little over 20 minutes, we didn't want to push me too much.  With walking to and from the car at the apartment, and going up and down the stairs, I did my 30 minutes.

Kirsten wouldn't let me walk next to the water after my first wobble.  She quickly switched sides with me. I don't think she wanted to fish me out of the Bay.   It was a lovely to be outside and enjoying the water sparkling like topped with diamonds.

 This is a ramp down to some of  the berths for the boats.  San Francisco Bay is the other side of the trees.

                                                       A few of the boats at the Marina. 

Thank you Kirsten.  Can't wait to go back.

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