Sunday, January 25, 2015

Months since we have done this type of "normal" event

Marty and I test recipes for Cook's Country and its sister magazines.  We get recipes to test all the time.  But because I hadn't had an appetite in forever, we rarely participated in the testing.  Well now I am hungry, all the time.  This new gentler chemo is not killing my appetite.  Last night we tested a new recipe.

The recipe was for pork burgers with a horseradish sauce.  Right away we found an error.  One place it said it served 6, in another serves 4.  That is a little confusing.

Close to the end of the recipe is where it says serve on 4 hamburger buns. 

Ingredients for the burgers.

Marty carefully weighed out each patty at a 1/4 pound each.
Ingredients for the horseradish sauce.  No, the Pedialyte is not part of the ingredients.  I forgot to move it out of the picture area.
Horseradish sauce ingredients all whisked together and ready to serve.
Burgers hot from the grill.
Plated and ready to eat with some home made tater tots.
I think the horseradish sauce is fabulous.  I would eat it off a spoon.  But the pork burger disappointed me just a little.  It was good, but I think in my head I thought it would be more of a hamburger taste. It looks like a hamburger, it is on a hamburger bun. That was just me, beef and pork totally different flavors.
I really enjoyed testing a recipe with Marty..  We like cooking together and then discussing what we have served.  So normal again was great.  

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