Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today the San Francisco Bay Area is having a heat wave. Not record breaking but really hot. Oakland was 90, San Francisco was 90, and out on the inland side of the tunnel it was triple digits. HOT, HOT, HOT.

So what did we do tonight? We went to Public Glass for a fund raiser/demo of glass blowing/sculpturing. The glory hole is 2000 degrees, the pot furnace is 2000 degrees, it was hot. Lots of people, lots of furnaces on, and it was hot outside. I was wringing wet and I wasn't making glass. I was only taking pictures of the demos. Which I hope to post tomorrow.

Marty was the torch man, Randy Strong was the artist. At least 4 other glass workers took part in the demo. Randy made an incredible piece. He made a "leaf" that was stripped with another color. The leaf was stretched out to at least four feet. Randy hand sculptured the leaf and then by hand twisted it. Another glass artist formed a ball that was inserted into the twisted leaf. A base was then attached to it. No one in the crowd had seen anyone do this type of work done. That is because no one has ever done that.

After the demo was over, I told Randy I needed a lot of hours to work. I wanted that piece. I know what I want for my next salary.

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kts said...

this sounds amazing--and if you enjoyed it and it was blazing hot, then it was more than amazing--it was fabulous, fantastical, super amazing!