Thursday, May 28, 2009


We made it safe and sound. I know all of my faithful readers kept the planes up.

The first leg Oakland to Salt Lake City I traveled on 3 hours sleep and Valium. That works pretty good. I even slept 30 minutes. Salt Lake to Cincinnati was on a Bloody Mary. And the last leg, the worst, Cincinnati to Louisville was on wine.

All was smooth until about 45 minutes from Cincinnati. Traffic control had us drop down a few thousand feet into storm clouds. The pilot had no idea why. It wasn't awful, but I was nervous.

But the last leg of the trip we were on the runways taxiing and landing longer than in the air. A 16 minute flight. Straight up to cruising altitude and then you start dropping in order to land. Lots of thunderheads to make it bumpy. And this plane only holds around 40 passengers. If you are over 6 foot your head hits the ceiling. Really hate puddle jumpers.

Now the funny thing was who we met on the plane. As Marty and I are walking down the aisle, we saw my brother. My brother who we are visiting. He was on the way home from NYC. I knew he was flying home, but no idea we were on the same flight. That was fun.

We dumped luggage at Little Brother's, picked up his wife and met my Mother and Papa Jack for dinner. And where did we go? White Castle. Two years since we had had them. Heaven.

We are pirating wireless from the people next door. So I will be able to post fairly often.

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kts said...

YAY!!! so relieved and delighted to hear the travel there is done! must have been a wonderful distraction and pleasure to see your brother on the plane--hooray!