Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wednesday morning Marty flew out to San Diego. A dear friend, Richard, was having heart surgery and Marty went to support Richard's partner and to help as needed. Richard is doing just great.

That meant I was home alone. The coward of the county, alone. Even with an alarm system, I am not comfortable at night all alone in my home. I do it as I have for years, bitching and fearful. Marty used to travel 3 to 5 days a week. We even had a period he was gone 3 weeks at a time. That was a living hell. No alarm system, just a very nervous dog who barked at everything.

After 42 years, I should be used to it. I guess I am used to it but I still hate it. I don't like being alone at night, being the guardian of the castle. I do it but not well. I still leave lights on all over the house. As Marty says, " So the burglars won't trip coming up the stairs." He was gone 4 days, 4 long days. Several phone calls a day are nice, but that isn't your husband home with you.

But tonight he is home! I will sleep in the dark, well, I still have night lights. I will sleep without being nervous. I will then get up tomorrow and complain he stole all the pillows and covers. It is so good to have him home.

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