Friday, May 1, 2009

Cough, cough, cough

As some of you know, March I was really sick. I had the old fashioned flu. Ugly, awful, and the gift that keeps on giving. I have been coughing for weeks. It doesn't get worse, it just doesn't get better. After much nagging from friends and Marty, I went to the doctor yesterday.

I love Kaiser. Those of you who can't get this HMO, I feel for you. I called Wednesday to talk to the advice nurse. She had me set up with an appointment in less than 24 hours, with my doctor. Not in the clinic. I saw Dr. J. and he is pretty positive the cough is just a post flu thing. He gave me options for treatments. He emailed the pharmacy several prescriptions. Then to be sure he is correct, he set up lab work and x rays.

There was one little hiccup. I asked him to renew my Valium for flying. We have a trip planned this month, and I hate flying. I have Valium enough for the trip, but it is so old it has expired. You can tell I am really into drugs. And he started trying to say something, hemmed and hawed. Then he said, "We don't recommend Valium for the elderly." ELDERLY!!!!!!!!!!! Call me a senior citizen, but elderly. Then Dr. J. said, " You are just into that age group at 65. It might make you dizzy and you could fall." Now I am so old I have to worry about falling? He wrote me a prescription for something else to keep me calm on a plane. I think my original plan of drinking cross country is best.

Back to the tests. No getting clearance for them, no waiting for days. It was then. I had the blood drawn for 10 tests and 3 x rays done. All of this in about 30 minutes. And for no extra cost. Tests are free in our health plan. I figure I had a gazillion $$$ worth of work done. Then on to the pharmacy.

Four prescriptions that in the real world would have been $194. Kaiser world $60. In two hours I saw my doctor, had several hundreds of dollars of tests and drugs for $85. This morning when I got up, all my blood work tests results had been emailed.

Love you Kaiser.


125records said...

Janet, you definitely want to get rid of that cough now, everyone will worry that you have the Swine Flu! And I think of elderly as 85+. You are not elderly.

Hoang Leonard said...

I hope you will get better soon ! don't sick please !!!
My advise(with my knowledge) you should drink hot liquid and keep warm. Medicine just take 20%, 80% you must know inside you (we call this is Insearch) and Doctor always menace patient for charge fees

Hoang Leonard said...

Check out this entry: How to Heal your Flu !!!

that drink work on me !