Friday, May 29, 2009


Today we spent with a couple Marty went to high school and college with. Marty was in Billy's wedding, Billy was in ours. And our sons were born three months apart. Good long time friends.

We began with Bloody Mary's at their house. Lovely beginning. Then we drove to Westport, a little town down on the Ohio River. And I mean down. Two lane curvy road that ends at the river. When I taught in this county, this was the road that decided on snowy days if we had school or not. If the bus driver said I can't do this safely, no school. On a dry day it is an exciting drive.

Maybe 250 people live in Westport. There is a post office, a lovely Americana store, a church, and a little restaurant, The Teakettle. By little I mean 4 tables that each hold four. The menu was sandwiches, soups, and salads. Items included: Sandwiches of Pimento cheese, Benedictine, Fried Bologna , Three meat Deli, Chicken Salad, and many more. We didn't worry about soups or salad. Three of us had the chicken salad sandwich, maybe the best I have ever had. The cost? $3.50 for the sandwich. And then we had sweet tea. Perfectly brewed clear and medium brown, lots of ice, and just the right amount of sugar.

We had a lovely visit with Billy and Bev. We drove Oldham County to see how it had changed over the years. After we left them, Marty and I drove by the house where he grew up. And we went by the school I had my first job and where Marty went his first 8 years of school. Well the building is gone. And it is now a gorgeous modern building. How the county has changed.

Tomorrow more Southern cooking with Marty's family. Another restaurant in a little tiny town in Henry County.

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