Sunday, May 10, 2009


Louisville Hot Browns

Me, Hot Browns, J wine, and Roses

My lovely roses in an A TEAM vase

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Today was Mother's Day. Sometimes this is a good day, sometimes not. Marty lost his Mother over 20 years ago. I know this is always a hard day for him. For me it is hit and miss. This year was good.

Our son sent me two dozen roses yesterday.

Marty and I went to church this morning. After church he gave me a great gift: we went to COSTCO and he pumped gas for my car. When we got home, I called my mother and had a good long chat. My wish for the day was to see Star Trek. We bought our tickets and then bought Mexican food to take in for our lunch. Yes, this complex lets you bring in food. No more hiding it in the big purse. I loved this movie. A little crying, a lot of action, and lots of laughs. I won't review it, friend Sue has already done that very well.

When we came home we had margarittas, my brother and his lovely wife called and we talked an hour and a half. Marty and I later sat out in the courtyard until it became too cold. Marty then cooked our dinner, Hot Browns. Do click on that link. This is a traditional Louisville dish. It is so fine.


kts said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful mother's day! and the new blog design looks great! love kts

Hoang Leonard said...

Happy Mother's Day again - very colorful blog