Sunday, August 23, 2009


We finally saw Julie & Julia today. For non movie people, it is the true story of a young woman, Julie, cooking her way through one of Julia Child's cookbook. Julie blogged each day about the recipes and cooking. If you don't know who Julia Child is, don't tell me.

The movie is very well done. The cooking is a huge part of it, but it is also two love stories. The acting is great and the photography of the food is incredible. We both really enjoyed it. And we were starving when we came out.

So much food, so much technique, I could smell the food. But one scene stands out for me: The lobster.

Julie and her husband buy lobsters and take them home. In the car you can hear the scratching of the lobsters in the bag. Then she has to cook them. Should she kill them and then cook them, should she throw them live into the pot? She puts them live in the pot, pushing legs and claws back in. The lid goes on, and she stands back proud of herself, she is cooking a live crustacean. AND then the lid goes flying off! People that was not poetic license.

Once upon a time we bought lobsters for Marty, me, son Erik and his then girlfriend now wife Jennifer. One of the lobsters had lost the band on his claw and took a hunk out of the fishmonger when it was pulled from the tank. When home, Marty put the lobsters in the sink while the water heated up. He then grabbed the bandless lobster and it grabbed back. Marty threw the lobster across the room, Marty is bleeding like a stuck pig.

The lobster starts chasing Jennifer, who is barefoot. She is yelling and jumps up on a chair. I am doing first aid on Marty. Erik puts on leather cooking gloves and grabs the lobster and puts him in the pot. Erik then put the other one in the pot and slammed the lid down. He let go of the lid AND the lid went flying off with the lobsters crawling out. Erik still in the gloves pushes the lobsters back in, puts the lid on, and leaned on the pot.

That lobster was delicious. Oh, and Marty did not need stitches.

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