Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today the couple from Monday (who wanted me to do their wedding) came back. If you remember she was testing the strength of the elastic across her breast. We wondered what the wedding outfit would be.

They were there at 3:00 as they promised. He had on unbelievable boots. Sh** kicker boots with silver tips, gorgeous beautiful boots. He wore a sparkly coat, and a gorgeous hat. She had on an almost East Indian outfit. She had on white pants with a long white tunic top. Her yellow hair was almost glued down and had sparkles, her body was dusted with sparkles. She also had a shoulder length veil. She wanted me help her put on the tiara that her mother had worn. She was very emotional about this tiara. She had her daughter there, but wanted me, the "expert" to help her. I was touched by this. She had put it on over her veil. I took off the veil and put the tiara on her, then put the veil back on her. She wanted a very traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles. And I did that.

Before I go on I have to say they were a lovely older couple. They seemed to almost be in love with me and C who had worked with them. They wanted only me to do the ceremony. They thanked me, they hugged me, their children thanked me, and the grandchildren thanked me. They gave me an iris from her ceremony and one to give clerk C who had worked with them on three occasions. They really were nice, and likable. They were a sweet loving couple. I did the long, sweet, all bases covered ceremony. I really liked them, but. . .

If they had been white, they would have been white trash. She so wanted a "classy"wedding this time. Yes, they both had been married a couple of times. His divorce was within the last 6 weeks. He had to come back a second time with his decree to prove he was divorced. But they were in love, and both sides of the family were happy with the marriage.

Malfunction: She has on an all white outfit. It is gauzy, she is too old to wear it, but that is OK. It is her wedding. But she has on a pink bra. Both straps are hanging down her arms. And the cups are pink and black. But not a really bad malfunction. But after the wedding some of the clerks came in from a late lunch. And they were talking about the woman outside in the white outfit holding iris flowers (my bride). This woman is standing in direct sunlight (thank goodness the blinds were closed in the Wedding Room) and she has on NO underwear. None, nada, she is COMMANDO. They are horrified. In her defense I said, yes she does. She has on a pink bra.

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