Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I did 6 weddings on Monday and only one today, Wednesday. On Monday we had the sheer white dress again. I was nervous. Would I see parts of the female body I didn't want to see? Or would we have modesty??????????

The white dress was chiffon with sparkles on it. The bride was 60 and the groom was 71. They were very dignified. He was dressed well and her chiffon dress was tasteful, it was lined and she had on a slip! No malfunction with this wedding. It was classy, sweet, and very tasteful.

Today my one wedding was a bride who was 8 months pregnant. She looked like she was 9 months. This poor woman was tired, swollen, and really ready to give birth. I asked if they had rings to exchange. She laughed and said yes they had rings, but she is so swollen she can't get the ring on. Poor Baby.

I did help train a staff person to perform wedding ceremonies. She was sworn in this afternoon. I only did one wedding. S0 she needs a lot of practice on Thursday. We were trying to get several under her belt so she could marry on Friday. Our great volunteer Joe had surgery and won't be ale to work for several weeks. I don't think she will be ready.

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