Monday, August 31, 2009


I only had two weddings today. Lots of people buying, but not being married by the county.

The first one just gave me the creeps. He had been married six, count them, six times. She had one failed marriage. He was born in 1946. He was not good looking, no sex appeal radiating from him. but there for wedding seven. He had had a busy 60 years or so, She was born in 1962. I didn't pick up any warm fuzzies from them. And I don't think there is much chance of this one working out either. I married them and then as we were recording the wedding I noticed they each marked NA in the choices of reasons for end of a marriage. Oh yes it was applicable. We had to reprint and marked each of them with dissolution of marriage.

Wedding number two was interesting. The clerk brought me the license and said do this one quickly. They have to pick their daughter up from school. As we went up in the elevator he asked if we could just do the wedding in the elevator. I told him it could be done, but I really didn't like to do that.

The reason for the rush was they got lost coming to the county building. Someone had given them directions, but brought them in the wrong way. They had made a big circle, and they ended up at the Superior Courthouse instead of our building. So they were later getting to us than planned. I got them married quickly but not rushed. Then they were out the door with, traffic willing, time to get to the other end of the county and pick up their daughter.

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