Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tonight I had a girls' night out for dinner. Good friends eating, talking, laughing, and there were a couple of tears. It was a nice evening. And what did Marty do while I was playing? Well, when I came home the house smelled like chocolate heaven.

Tonight Marty tested a recipe for Cook's Country which is in the Cook's Illustrated family. This time it was for German Chocolate cake. But there was a catch. It was low fat. Horrors, a healthy dessert. YUCK!

They used less butter, fewer eggs, low-fat sour cream, and fat free evaporated milk. They dropped a lot of calories.

Regular cake 740 calories, 45 g fat, saturated fat 23 g per slice.
Test recipe 340 calories, 13 g fat, saturated fat 7 g per slice.
Still not a real healthy choice.

Marty cut the cake while it was warm. The only way to eat cake. Surprise, it was good. And a very light cake. It was not as rich, of course, as real German Chocolate cake. But we thought the frosting was as good or better. Would he make this again? Probably not. This is not a cake he ever makes. Just not one we crave.

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