Monday, August 10, 2009


Today was busy at the marriage factory. I did 6 marriages this afternoon. That isn't a huge amount really, but for this summer it is.

I had a witness in a sleeveless black dress. The clerk had commented on the loooooow cut of the top. It was a deep U. The lines cut across the breast at the nipple line and ended below the breasts. She bent over at the counter, her girls escaped and showed more than C wanted to see. As I followed the witness into the marriage room it was evident she wore no underwear. Let us say the dress was caught in a rear part of her body.

A largish woman was in the lobby in a very very very short skirt. This skirt was about one inch longer than the blouse I was wearing. It was just below the cup of her hips. Not a attractive sight.

And to the weddings. I called for "Todd and Maria". A couple stood up and then the man said, "You have my name wrong, it is John." Then anther couple stood up and said they were who I called. Two women of the same name. Interestingly, the first couple were not getting married today.

My first wedding the groom was so moved that he cried, she was calm and taking care of him. I had a vanishing couple again. I called for them three times. No one showed. Later they came back and were ticked they had to wait. You vanish, you go to the bottom of the pile.

There were several lovely weddings: Couples from Pakistan, Mongolia, India, Afghanistan, and the great states of Texas and Louisiana. The couple from Pakistan told us they needed to be married between 3:00 and 5:00. Nosey me asked why. They are Hindu and had their star charts done for the best time to marry. Today between 3 and 5 was it.

Wednesday I have a couple coming back for me to do their wedding. When I checked at 4:00 if anyone was left to marry, they were buying their license. I was talking to them and they said they wanted me to marry them. I said I would be glad to. Then they said they were bringing their friends on Tuesday. I told them I wouldn't be back until Wednesday. They moved their wedding day to Wednesday so I could marry them. This is a possible wardrobe malfunction. She is well endowed and had on a top with elastic across the top of the breasts. The elastic was put to the test today, the girls nearly escaped. Can't wait to see what she will wear Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

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