Friday, August 7, 2009


This has been a hard week, in more ways than one. A friend has breast cancer, my blood pressure has gone bonkers, and Louisville has nearly washed away.

My dear friend has breast cancer. I went with her to meet the surgeon. We liked the doctor, and have confidence in her. Surgery is set up for next Friday, the 14th. The surgeon says this is so early not to worry. I am worried. You don't know until they start cutting.

Because I went with my friend to the surgeon's I did no weddings on Wednesday. So no fun news to report.

Louisville is a mess. My family is OK. Friends are OK. But the city of Louisville has a lot of mud in homes and businesses. Even if we don't live there anymore, we care and we worry.

My blood pressure is way up. After home monitoring, I finally went in for an official Kaiser's blood pressure check. Still up and higher than in May. My doctor has doubled one of my blood pressure medications. Next week I will go in for another check to see if this is working.

But the good news is I have good insurance and Kaiser is on it. Within an hour of my blood pressure check I heard from them. I was called and told what medication to change. I think the thing I really need to do is go back to eating healthy. Marty will have to quit cooking all those dishes that must have gravy. And horrors of all horrors, return to exercise.

Stay tuned.

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kts said...

kts thoughts: our hearts are with you and yours both here and in KY. In re bp, we could go and walk around somewhere pretty and gossip instead of eat and gossip!