Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I wrote last week about how disappointed I have been with American Idol and Dancing With The Stars. And then yesterday my friend Sue wrote on her blog about DWTS. She is loving the season, but like me, wants Buzz Aldrin and Kate Gosselin gone.

Last night was the result show for Dancing With The Stars. Sue and I are happy. Buzz was sent home. Now if only Kate is sent home next week.

Tonight was the result show for AI. One of my favorites, Big Mike, was the person with the lowest votes. He would have to "sing for his life". That means he was allowed to pick a song and sing one more time. The four judges would vote on whether he would be saved to sing again next week. The judges can only use this save one time per season. And the vote must be unanimous. They hardly ever use this save, so I didn't have much hope. Well, Big Mike was incredible and they saved him. Much happiness at the Appel household.

The down side of this, probably next week two will be eliminated. They have only so many weeks to do the show. They have to only have two singers on the last show, not three. Oh well.

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Sue T. said...

I would love to know who's voting for Kate. It should have been her & Buzz in the bottom 2! I read somewhere that if people could vote AGAINST contestants and not just FOR them, Kate would be gone. So true.