Friday, April 16, 2010


Wednesday was very slow at the marriage factory. I did one wedding ceremony maybe 30 minutes after I got there and another one over 2 hours later. Very few people were even coming in to do any type of business. We figured spring break was keeping them home.

At the first wedding the bride wore a white full skirted dress. The bodice and the hemline were trimmed in black. The groom wore black slacks and a black shirt. Their witness had on a beautiful high waisted black pencil skirt, a black top, and a white bolero jacket. It was a good looking group. I also wore black.

The second couple were dressed nicely as were their witnesses. But the star of the show was the "flower girl". The bride's father had a medium size case over his shoulder. I thought it was a camera case, then I saw the mesh screens on the ends and sides. Not a camera case, it was a dog carrier. Inside it was a chihuahua. Yes, I had to look that up in order to spell it.

Daddy took the dog/flower girl out and I nearly died laughing. This poor dog had on a chartreuse long "sleeved" sweater with a matching net skirt that had sparkles on it. This dog was so cute and funny looking. When you see a dog all dressed up, you know it is living better than you are.

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