Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A good friend of Mother's sent me pictures of the birthday girl. To review part 1 of the birthday, go to the post right before this one. I tried to set up a link and Blogger hates me tonight and won't let me link. You want the first post on April 20, 2010. With it being late, I loaded the pictures backwards. I'm too tired to redo it. So we have the family at dinner, and then Mother with her flowers and balloons from lunch.

Left to right, Yolanda our friend who sent pictures, Little Brother Hank and his wonderful wife Ann, and Mother in front.
Left to right, Papa Jack, Little Brother Hank, Ann, Mother in front.

Dinner party tonight, same gang. Lovely birthday girl extreme right.

Same gang, same dinner

Mother in her kitchen showing off some of her gifts: flowers and balloons, and a rose corsage.

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