Friday, April 2, 2010


I read a lot of pages this week waiting on couples to marry. Monday they were spaced out over the three plus hours. But Wednesday, no couples, let alone other people in the building until around 3:30. And still there were only three couples who wanted to marry.

The first couple wore jeans. They told me the "real wedding" was going to be on Saturday. I explained that was a party, we were doing the real wedding. What was cute was the bride obviously had on her "real wedding" jewelery, chandelier rhinestone earrings and necklace. Maybe a little over the top with jeans and a tee shirt.

The second couple were Chinese and the bride had on a gorgeous red chiffon dress, with brown cowboy boots. A little strange to see. When we got in the Wedding Room she pulled out fancy strappy heels and wore them for the wedding. She told me they were pretty but hurt her feet. After the wedding the boots went back on.

The third couple I can barely remember. They were sweet, generic and OK. But I DO remember one of the guests. Not a Mother, not a sister, just a loud obnoxious woman. In the elevator she was giving orders at the top of her lungs. In the Wedding Room every time I said something she was talking so loud I couldn't be heard. When I asked the couple questions and they told me what they wanted to do, she told them what they needed to do. The couple seemed overwhelmed by her. So Miss Janet, the boss of the world took over. I explained to the obnoxious guest it wasn't her wedding and I only listen to the couple. And that I am the only one who gets to talk now. When the wedding was over she started in again directing the picture taking. Fine, I didn't have to be in there for that.

Fourth couple, I have no memory of except she was pregnant with two school age children ( maybe 6 and 9) and she was about 25 years old. Doing the math on that depressed me.

The first couple, she was from Pakistan and he was from India. She was so lovely with her hennaed hands, arms and feet. The designs were beautiful. She had on a traditional red outfit and the gold bracelets. Instead of rings they exchanged necklaces. I hadn't had that happen before.

Couple two, my post it note on them only says boring.

Couple three, another one having a "real wedding" Saturday. This couple were so very much in love. The tenderness as he wiped her eyes during the ceremony touched me. And he cried from emotion. They just stood and embraced each other after I pronounced them married. I was moved by this couple and I had goose bumps the whole ceremony.

Some weddings are fun, or annoying, or embarrassingly lustful. Some weddings I am sure will end in divorce. But some weddings are incredibly wonderful, whether they are in full wedding attire or wearing Daisy Dukes and overalls. Love fills the room.

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