Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last night the results of DWTS were given. We didn't get to watch it until tonight. Guess what, terrible Kate did not get voted off. She of the death stare of hatred will live to dance another week. This woman is flat out scary.

Aiden Turner, a soap actor, was sent home. I don't really care about him. But we will miss his pro partner, Edyta Sliwinska. She almost wears clothes when she dances. Edyta really is a fabulous dancer.

This week on AI was Elvis week. Let us say if he wasn't already dead, this show would have killed him. So very bad. Most of the singers were pitiful. Tonight AI eliminated 2 singers and I was more than happy with America's choice. Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens went home. Big Mike is still there and not even in the bottom 3, so the save of last week was validated by the public.

No one on either show has sparked us to bother to vote. Such a difference from other years. We voted as many times as they would let us. Maybe they have run their course.

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noemi said...

I see what you mean by she almost wears clothes. Word of the post: chopher.