Tuesday, April 6, 2010


On this day:1937 Merle Haggard, American musician, was born

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Weddings. I did a few on Monday. The weather was so awful I didn't think anyone would show up. But around 3:00 the sun came out and so did the people.
The first wedding the bride had been married before and had her two children with her. Her 7 year old son was the official witness. That meant he had to sign the license in a tiny space. Adults get this wrong and sign all over the page. I explained to the little boy where to sign and how tiny he had to write. He could only print, he hadn't learned cursive yet. He painstakingly printed his full name, and it was in the tiny space. His little sister, 5 years old, asked her mother if they were married now. "Yes," her mother said. And the little girl became ecstatic and grabbed her stepfather and hugged him. She then told me that on Friday she had told her teacher that her stepdaddy and mother were getting married. "And now I can tell her they are married!" These children were thrilled with this man as their stepfather. This was a very special type of love in the room.
The next wedding was very special. The bride was in a lovely white chiffony dress and ready for the ceremony. But we had to wait on the groom. He was changing into his Naval uniform. He didn't want it to wrinkle, so he waited until we were ready, to change clothes. They had lots of family and friends with them. Everyone was dressed up and looking lovely. After the wedding I thanked the young man for serving in the military. He then told me his bride was also in the military. She is in the Reserves. A very special wedding.
We will skip the third and go on to the fourth wedding of the day. The couple were in their late 20's. When I met them the groom told me he was so happy to have such a beautiful woman marrying them. He kept talking about how beautiful I am. (Folks, I am well preserved, but beautiful? No one has ever accused me of that.) I just smiled and herded them into the elevator. Then he gave me one of the best left handed compliments ever said. To his bride he said, "When you get old like her, I want you to be just as beautiful." This is right up there with "For a fat girl you don't sweat much."
Men, never ever use old and beautiful in the same sentence.
Now there was something wrong with the groom, nothing that caused me to think of not doing the wedding. But was he close to drunk? Was he high on something? Was he mentally impaired? I don't know. He did not smell of alcohol, he didn't slur his words, his eyes were not dilated. But he kept listing to the side, his eyes kept closing, he was wobbly. Something going on there.
Who knows.
They are in love, they are married, and I am soooo beautiful.

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