Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today is garbage day. And I have a long tale to tell. 

I decided to take advantage of the senior/medical disability service of our garbage companies. We live in the Oakland Hills and are downhill from the street. Even young people have trouble getting cans to the street.  The first flat spot to store our cans is down 12 steps from the street.  That would be 12 steps to drag the cans up when the cans are full.  We are the king and queen of recycling.  That can is huge and always weighs at least 150 -200 pounds. Poor Marty is killing himself dragging that up to the street.  And then there is the green waste can and the "what won't go in the others" can.

I called for info and they told me to fill out the form, get the doctor to sign it, and fax it in. They would even set up things with the recycling company which is a separate company.  I questioned that and she said it  would be taken care of.  Sounds easy doesn't it? 

There are no forms online, so they mailed it nearly a week later.  I had emailed my doctor about the problem of getting older and some things just get harder to do.  In less than 24 hours I had picked up his letter.  Man, I love Kaiser!  When we finally got the form, I filled it out and Marty faxed it to the garbage company.  Nearly a week later no news on when the service starts.  I called Friday, they hadn't received the fax.  We sent it again, requesting they call us when received.   No call. 

On Monday they called, fax received.  The service would start Tuesday (today).  I made a remark about how heavy the recycling is and she said, "You have to contact them.  We have nothing to do with recycling."  I threw a hissy fit.  The one can we had real trouble getting up the hill, and I have to start over.  They lost the first fax, they didn't contact me about service starting, they gave me the wrong info, and now no service for the recycling this week.  The clerk was rude, nothing was their fault and tried to hang up on me.  I out yelled her and got the information on who to contact at the other company.

I called the recycling company, no problem.  She took the info over the phone and said if  I faxed the form and doctor's letter; they would pick up on our day this week.  That would be today.

I couldn't sleep because of the heat, so I was up early for me.  I heard the garbage trucks coming up the hill.  They picked up next door, skipped me (no cans on the street), and picked up the next house.  Damn, all cans are full and with the heat the green waste is really stinky and has ants. 

I went out to talk to the drivers.  I was a vision of loveliness:  bed head, no makeup, my 12 year old dress length T shirt, and flip flops.  I didn't get there in time.  So I waited, they turn around at the corner and come downhill.  I waved at the first driver, he got in the truck and started driving, I stood there.  He stopped, I explained they were to pull the cans up.  He hadn't received word, no problem.  He would do it now.  The next driver, same thing.  YAY.

At 7:45 the garbage company called.  How was my second week of yard service going? Second week?  She had received the first fax and set everything up.  I told her I had to chase down the trucks, and all the stuff vented above.  She will take care of it.  We will see. 

One more truck to go.

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