Monday, September 13, 2010

Testing Boston Cream Pie

We have another recipe to test for Cook's Illustrated, Boston Cream Pie.  This is not a dessert we have ever made before.  And not one that is high on my list of cravings.  I just hadn't eaten it that often.  Marty loves it.  Who knew? 

Lots of eggs used, some in the cream filling.  And several in the cake itself.  Also lots of butter, cream, whole milk, and half and half.  Just a little bit rich.
Marty starting the cream filling.  It must be stirred constantly for 10 minutes while it thickens.
The master separating eggs.  Only Marty would do this with only two bowls.  I use one to put the whites in, one for the yolk, and separate over a third.  That way if you mess up and get yolk in the whites, you only lose one egg. 
Guess who got to whisk the cream filling for 10 minutes.  See I do help sometimes.
While I am whisking and having hand cramps, Marty is stirring the cake batter with the big KitchenAid. Doesn't he look like he is really working hard?  Bless his heart.
The recipe calls for the cream filling to be strained.  It gives it a really smooth texture.
Weighing out the bitter sweet chocolate for the topping.
Placing the second layer on top of the first cake layer.  The cream filling is between the layers.
Smoothing the cream filling.  Selfish Marty did not share licking the off set spatula.
Chocolate topping being poured over the cake, aka Boston Cream Pie.
This is delicious!  No way is it healthy, nor low cal.  I don't care.  YUM!
Marty cutting a piece for our dinner guest to take home.  Our guest was celebrating his birthday.  We had no idea that Boston Cream Pie is his absolutely favorite dessert.  We lucked out and became the perfect hosts.

I am sure we will be making this again.  It is now much higher on my list of rich food I want.  It is a little labor intensive, but well worth the time and trouble.

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