Monday, September 6, 2010

Marty creates in the kitchen

Tonight Marty made Dim Sum.  I know, that is a Chinese lunch thing.  But we love it anytime we can get it.  I did some of the prep.  Of course, no pictures of me to prove I help.  And then Marty took over.

Flower Dumplings, two types, filled with shrimp and chicken.  They also have chopped carrots. minced ginger, lots of ginger, chopped green onions, sesame oil, soy, rice wine, and meat of choice.  Then they are wrapped in a won ton and cooked in a bamboo steamer.
Our chopper dopper.  I love whacking this thing and everything being chopped to perfection.  It also helps with feelings of aggression.
Marty dumping the chopped meat into a bowl. 

The first dumpling filled and ready to be folded.  We can't find our little scoop to fill the dumpling.  So we used a butter press.  It worked just fine.
Marty very very carefully doing the four folds on the dumpling.  I truly can't do this.  I just don't have the patience.
The first steamer is ready to cook.  The dumplings are on parchment paper. One more steamer to go.
Voila!  Dinner is ready.  Marty has soy, hot mustard, sweet and sour sauce ready to go.  This is the shrimp.
They smell like heaven.  This is the chicken layer.
Chef Show Off using his chop sticks.  I can't use them.  I have tried since 1977.  It is not going to happen.  I have a fork and knife.  This was a lovely meal.  And it was pretty close to being healthy.


Erik Appel said...

Now mom, you tried chopsticks earlier than 1977. When did we go on that raod trip with Granny to see Uncle Keith? That's when I had my first Mongolian Beef. Big hunk of meat and nothing else to get in the way.

Janet A said...

You were 4. So summer of 1973. Maybe I tried chopsticks then. Don't remember.