Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Monday was one of my days at the County Building to perform marriage ceremonies. (I know that my friends wonder why I always write as if no one knows I do weddings.  Marty says since I ever now and then get a new reader, they need to know clearly what I do. )  Back to the story.  It was really slow in all departments.  You could have fired off a shotgun and not hit a person. 

After about an hour finally a marriage license was brought to me.  It was a confidential marriage.  That means they need no witness, and no one can get info about the marriage.  It takes a court order to get information on this type of marriage, and it is rarely given.  People who are in the public eye or police are a couple of types of couples who get a confidential license.

The couple was dressed very casually. She had on Capri pants and a T shirt.  He had on a sport shirt and dockers.  Just looking at them, I was betting he's an undercover cop. He had an air of authority, somewhat military in bearing, and long beautiful black hair.  It hung to the middle of his back.  I am not a huge fan of men with long hair, but for this guy I make an exception.  They told me this ceremony was strictly a judicial thing(a cop word).  Well, it may have been judicial, but it became very emotional.  When they say vows and hear the vows, lots of couples get real serious.

The other couple was from India.  It was a traditional arranged marriage.  They had done the cultural wedding and I was to do the legal ceremony.  The bride had on the lovely sari and gold and diamond bracelets to both elbows.  Every time I asked the couple a question, her mother would answer.  They even looked to her to give them an answer.  I stopped that.  I nicely explained the couple was marrying, it was their wedding, and they should make the decisions.

And that is my Monday afternoon.  Very very slow.  But one good thing, with so few weddings I had time to get a book finished for my mystery book group.

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