Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garbage truck update

Yesterday I ended the blog with, One more truck to go.  That was the recycling truck. I had given the office info over the phone Monday.  She promised they would start the yard service the next day. This was the can we really have trouble getting up to the street.  We had so much stuff to pick up.  I was worried.  We had so much it would be awful if they skipped us. We had 200 pounds in the can, and beside it, 8 grocery bags full, tied up cardboard strips, and lots of other stuff. 

The truck came up the hill.  I was ready to run out and flag him down. No need to.  The truck stopped, the driver came down the steps, and carried everything up the steps.  The system worked the first time.

Stayed tuned for next week.  Will the 2 trucks I flagged down stop next Tuesday?

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