Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tell my son . . .

I only went to the marriage factory on Monday.  Wednesday my back was giving me fits so I stayed home and iced.  Monday was very slow, only three weddings to perform.

One wedding the couple was very sweet and very quiet.  The bride looked really nervous.  I was a little worried she might hit the floor.  So I was watching them closely throughout the ceremony.  And I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.  The groom kept winking at the bride, over and over.  She relaxed and starting enjoying her wedding. 

I did the marriage ceremony for an Asian couple.  I checked the license and a red flag went up.  The bride's first and last names were the same.  I asked her to be sure there was no error.  No error, her name was "Zheng Zheng".  OK. She taught me how to correctly pronounce her name and the groom's name.  And upstairs we went.  As I started the ceremony, she said, "Could you call me Jane?"  I could do that, then the groom wanted to be called Tim.  Hey, that made my job easier.

The favorite wedding couple had been together 15 years.  He was 57 she was 40. They were so in love, and so emotional.  After the ceremony the groom grabbed his phone and stepped out of the room.  When we caught up with him he was talking away.  He handed me the phone and said, "Tell my son what we just did."  I said, "Hello, this is Janet.  I just married your father."  Dead silence.  And then I thought no, no, no, that doesn't sound right.  I quickly added, "I married him and Betty."  The son yelled,"That's wonderful!" 

This was a first for me.  No one of the hundreds and hundreds of wedding ceremonies I have done has asked me to tell someone that they just were married.  If this should ever come up again, I now know how not to word it,

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