Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Again with the garbage truck

Last week the green waste truck skipped us. Our pick up is on Tuesdays.  We didn't know until Saturday they hadn't picked it up.  Marty did some yard work and saw the can was over half full.  Too late to call and complain.  He did his yard work, filled the can up and then filled a smaller one that is ours and not Waste Management.

Tuesday, pick up day, I hear the truck.  I look out later and the can is open and sitting full at the base of the steps to the street.  WTH???  I called the company.  "Your can is too heavy.  We tried to call last week to let you know, but the number we have is not a working number."  Too heavy? Not a working number?  Not as heavy as the recycling can, and that driver yanks that can up with ease every week. 

We were told no more than 65 pounds in the can.  That is nothing in the garbage world.  I told them we would get the can to the street and they then could use the mechanical arm to dump the can.  No, if it weighs too much the mechanical arm on the truck will snap off.  Really, I don't even  believe that.  We were told to dump their can and place the contents in other paper bags or cardboard boxes.  I told the clerk it is raining and that would not work.  I told her we would put it into smaller cans that we owned.  She then said there would be a charge for an extra pick up.  I threw a hissy fit on that one.  They did not tell us why they skipped us.  If they won't pick up they should notify us.  Finally she agreed to do a free "courtesy" pickup.

So Tuesday afternoon Marty and I dumped the contents onto a plastic sheet, gathered it up, and dumped it into another can.  Then we did that with another can. Green waste is yard waste and food scraps, bones, seafood shells, paper that has food on it. Trust me after two weeks, this was right up there with Dirty Jobs. Rubber gloves and a lot of gagging and we got the job done.

This morning they picked up the green waste.  And then the driver took the three cans back down to our yard. We have read all the info we have from Waste Management.  No where does it say limit 65 pounds.  If they want it that light, we should have two cans instead of one huge one.

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