Friday, December 3, 2010

Monday Weddings

Monday I performed seven marriage ceremonies. Wednesday I had an appointment and did work.  On Monday the lobby was packed when I arrived.  Everyone showed up within an hour's time.  At one point I had 4 licenses on my desk.  And then around 3:15, when we usually get the rush, nothing.

The first couple were probably the most extreme in tattooing and body piercing I have had.  Their arms, legs, necks, hands were covered in body art.  They both had multiple plugs in their ears and multiple piercings.  He was not wearing the plugs in his ear lobes and they were huge holes swinging. His lobes looked like a coffee mug would fit in them.  She had plugs which kept popping out.  Their faces had multiple piercings.  Looking at them made me just a little queasy.  Yes, I admit, not fond of body art, face piercings, nor the plugs. 

Again you can't judge a book by its cover.  This was one of the sweetest, loveliest couple I have married.  They were so serious about what they were doing.  They were very intense during the ceremony; listening to every word I said and to every word they said.

Another couple turned out to almost be my neighbors.  They live a couple of blocks away.  And he was from the deep South and even had lived in Louisville.

One couple had lots of family and friends with them.  The bride wore a cocktail dress that was black and white.  That seems to be the choice for the majority of brides lately.  I began the ceremony, the groom was hesitant when I asked Do you take . . .  finally croaked out yes.  Everyone laughed.  I thought that was weird and rude.  Then I began the vows and nothing is coming out of his mouth.  I asked is there an English problem.  More laughter.  It turns out he had laryngitis and sometimes nothing comes out.  Just a squeak. I offered to let him skip the vows since they aren't a legal part of the ceremony.  He said he could do it.  And he did.

Lots of weddings, lots of ethnic groups.  Some deeply touched me. And one I hope will last but doubt it.  The bride was 35 and this was her 4th marriage.  That seems to me to be a person who doesn't do marriage well.

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