Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 can't come soon enough

Will 2010 never end?  If it can go wrong for us this year, it has.   Marty and I want it out the door so we can move on to hopefully a better year 2011.

A couple of minor examples of how the year has gone:  last night Marty was making ground beef from chuck roast he found on sale.  He is feeding strips of it into the grinder on our Kitchen Aid stand mixer. These are workhorses.  Suddenly there is this awful whacking noise.  It sounds as if a spatula is caught in the beater; except there is no spatula nor any beater.  This is not an old mixer, it's less than 5 years old.  People will Kitchen Aids, they last forever.  Not ours. So a trip 20 miles away to the only place in the Bay Area that repairs them is in our future.

Then the frosting on the cake, the big screen TV died.  It also is only 5 years old.  Tuesday it worked, Wednesday we tried to turn it on, nothing, just a flashing power button.  It says temp, lamp, timer. According to the troubleshooting guide that is not a good thing.  Next Thursday the repairman comes.

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