Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weddings, and a suprising story

Wednesday was really stretched out between weddings.  As soon as I walked in at 12:45, I had two ceremonies to do.  And then nothing until after 3:00.

The couples were all very normal.  And you know for me, that doesn't happen.  They were sweet, in love, nervous, and then all happy the process was over.  So yes, very normal.  Yet I do get the strange ones, if not the couples then the witness.

Oh yes the witness for couple number 3.  I went to get the couple, and the bride is all a flutter, the volunteer witness B has disappeared.  I walked through the lobbies and called her name, nothing.  The bride went in the restroom and called her name, nothing.  The couple is in a panic.  Can they still get married?  I told them that we can always reprint and put someone else as the witness.  But don't give up, we will find her.  I asked where they found her.  She was at the desk next to them with her sister, and her sister is still there.  OK, I will go ask the sister where she is. 

I interrupt politely and the sister tells me B has gone to feed the meter.  So we wait some more.  I noticed the person talking to the sister is not a clerk.  It is one of the top level supervisors who is over the supervisor of the clerks.  Something serious is going down.  B comes running in and says she'll be right back.  I assure the couple that whatever happens they will be married that afternoon.  Finally B runs up to us and says, "Do I have a story for you.  This will be something for you to tell your grandchildren.  I was switched at birth at the hospital and I'm trying to find out who my birth mother is."  Well we were stunned.  You better believe we put the wedding on hold until she told us the story.

She had had some blood work done and found out she couldn't be related to her sister and parents. The blood types just don't match. The Navy hospital where she was born had closed. The records are somewhere.  She wanted the births recorded for the week she was born to be pulled.  That can't be done for many reasons.  She doesn't know if her birth date is correct.  In the 50's mothers and babies were kept in the hospital several days.  She could have been born the day before or 2 days later.   All this woman wants is to know her birth family medical history, and to maybe meet the family.  The family she grew up with wants to meet the blood daughter.  B wants nothing from the birth family.  She is not interested in suing anyone over the mix up of babies.  She said she has a great family who love her and she loves them.  But there are medical issues she needs to know.

Her next step is to try in Sacramento for the information.  If that doesn't work she will contact the Navy, her Congressman, and her Senator. 

And as my blog title says, I have no endings.  This one will haunt me.

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