Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last Wednesday and Monday the 20th there were lots of weddings.  I unfortunately did not do that many of them. Wednesday there were only three ceremonies for me.  Monday they were mostly Asian.  Again it was a lucky number day.  I don't do Cantonese, so I didn't do but 2.  There were also 5 Spanish ceremonies that afternoon.

On Wednesday I did an Indian ceremony.  They will have a cultural wedding next summer.  The bride had on the most beautiful sari I have ever see seen.  And I have seen a lot of them. The sari was the traditional red.  It was trimmed in gold threads, there were gold designs all over the sari, and each design had a jewel in the middle. The witness wore a black tunic, long sleeved blouse, and pants. The neckline was jeweled  like a large necklace.  The sleeves  and the vest were trimmed in jewels and gold trim.  The pants were gold trimmed from the knees to the ankles.  Again there were gold designs with jewels in the middle.  When I say gold trim, I am meaning gold.  Real gold thread.  These were the most gorgeous Indian clothes I have ever seen.

I told the women they won the prize for the most beautiful Indian clothing contest.  These women were magnificent looking. The bride told me that she was honored to have such a wonderful sari to wear.  She also said it was extremely heavy.

As you know I attract strange weddings.  But for once it was not me.  The commissioner J, who works the shift before me had a strange request.  A man came up to her and asked her to redo his wedding.  He was very upset.  He felt the commissioner L who did their ceremony had not shown respect to him and his bride.  He said they were rushed and not allowed to take pictures.  None of us believed this.  The commissioner is a very sweet woman.  She is polite, she takes pictures of the whole group, she is very good at doing weddings.  No way she was disrespectful.  But the customer was upset.  After much discussion the head supervisor allowed  J to do a do over.  The couple was now married, so the license would not be changed.  But J did a ceremony and the couple left happy.

Again no way L had rushed them or been disrespectful.  This woman is just too good at what she does.  But just like Nordstrom's, Alameda County says the customer is always right.

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