Sunday, December 26, 2010

CHRISTMAS (very long, settle in for a good read)

We have had a wonderful Christmas.  We went to Davis to be with my nephew Tres and his family. Our son Erik joined us.  Tres' father and mother, my little brother and his wife, flew in from Kentucky for a week. Last night they came home with us to spend a couple of days.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were so much fun. We have eaten good food, drunk excellent wines, had a Bourbon Ball taste off, laughed, cried over childhood memories, and had an incredible good time with three little children. 

This post will be long, it will have lots of pictures, it is written to share my good fortune of a family Christmas.

We began our trip on Friday afternoon.  There was a fog warning on the Benica Bridge.  You couldn't see the hood ornament on the car.  Then we had higher fog and stop and go traffic.  We drove for 20 minutes and went 2 miles.  Finally that broke up and we took off.  We are at the speed limit.  And I see on the ramp beside us a Highway Patrol car flying by us and then he begins that zigzag traffic control thingy.  We are the first in line behind him, and our speed drops to 25.  I am expecting a horrible wreck or a white out fog bank.  We go several miles and the Highway Patrol car suddenly flies off an exit.  No reason for the traffic break, so we all crank it back up to 70.  Finally we make it to Davis.  And we are hours behind the party.  Wine is flowing, taste treats are out, and laughter ensues.  We caught up quickly.

Below are some pictures of the two days.  As usual I have edited them down from 65+ to a fairly reasonable amount. Well sort of reasonable.

 Little Brother Hank greeting me.  He does have a weird sense of humor.  But I love him.
 Marty and the appetizers to hold us until supper.
 The beautiful table Casey set for our Christmas Eve dinner.  And those are not napkins on the plates, they  are English Crackers.  All kinds of little toys flew all over the table.

Tres and his father having a timed Spoons hanging from your Nose contest.  Hank won.  Tres says cheating was involved.

 Marty does love fire.  Here he is torching the creme brulee.  It was out of this world yummy.
 Little Brother does have more fun than everyone else.  Love the antlers. 
 We walked down the block to "Candy Cane Lane".  Every house was this decorated.  It was beautiful.
 The children are snug in their beds. Santa's elves are putting together a Disney Princess castle.  Behind them is Casey with the card table cover that makes a "castle". 
 Hall and family dog, Dexter, checking out the toys Santa left.
 More toys.
 Bella on her princes sleeping bag, ripping open a gift.  She was so polite.  They would hand her a gift and say this gift is from Aunt Janet and Uncle Marty.  Before she opened it she would come over and thank us.
 Sister in law Ann opening a gift.
 Casey screaming with joy.  She got exactly what she wanted.  A Garmin sport watch, it tracks all kinds of
things that a Iron Woman athlete needs.
 Tres with Ava, and Marty's hands.
 Closer view of Tres and Ava.
 Christmas Day brunch.  Egg and country ham sausage casserole, 7 layer salad, shrimp salad, cookies, fudge, hot biscuits.  And Mimosas.
 Ann reading the Christmas story to us before we ate.
The adults "helping" Hall with his toys.

We have had such a good time with little children and Christmas. The visit continues. 

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

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