Saturday, December 18, 2010

Duck, duck, no goose

Last night we had a spectacular meal.  A friend had given us two wild duck to cook, IF we invited him to dinner.  We love duck.  Marty has a luscious recipe for duck breast on porcini mushroom polenta with a Port wine sauce.  It was easy to adapt to whole duck.  Easy because he did it, I didn't. 

My contribution to the meal was to make shrimp and garlic chive dumplings with two sauces. That sounds easy, takes longer than the duck.  So I am a saint to make them.  They are well worth the effort. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Below are pictures of the duck being served.  I was told I should take pictures all night of prep, finished product of the dumpling, etc.  Well, I was enjoying the evening and just didn't.  So all we have are pictures of the ducks on the plates.

 Marty is placing the Port Wine sauce over the duck.
 Close up of the rich rich sauce.
 More with the sauce.  Marty also grew all the orchids that are blooming.
 Not great pictures because you can't smell the wine, the porcini mushroom, the duck.  It was fabulous!
I forgot, I took a picture of dessert:  Bourbon Balls.  The recipe is Marty's Mother's.  So it is probably 50 or 60 years old.  The pecans were soaked in Maker's Mark for a month plus.  The sugar has bourbon in it.  These can not be eaten by anyone under 21, we could go to jail for serving liquor to a minor.

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