Monday, January 17, 2011

Fancy Food Show Day 2

We were back Monday morning for another day of the Food Show.  This time we checked out the South Hall.  We ate some really good food, some bad, and saw some TV stars.  Our feet really did not want to have shoes on them today.  The feet kept saying yesterday nearly ruined them.  But we pushed on shoes, caught the train, and began a new day at the Fancy Food Show.

Today was the day of Food Network stars.  Yesterday we were at Guy Fieri's booth.  He wasn't there. You would think someone bringing out a new product line would be working his booth.  Today we saw the Barefoot Contessa and Duff of Ace of Cakes.  Both were great working the crowd.  Duff really takes good care of his fans.

 The Barefoot Contessa on the right.  She was taking pictures with fans.  We didn't get in line for that.
 This is the chef for a new line of Filipino food.  This was the best food we tasted all day.
 The chicken and the veggies are all part of the dish that is sold in the frozen food section.
 The product just was introduced yesterday.  It should be in the frozen food section of Whole Foods.   It was really yummy.
 This is the booth where we had lunch, Stubb's.  They bring in a Bar B Que trailer.  They cook brisket, sausage, and ribs.  All of this is to showcase their sauces, which are fabulous. 
 They are not stingy with the meat.  They provided luncheon size plates and let you help yourself to the meat and sauce.  This was mighty fine eating.
 The star of the show, Duff of Ace of Cakes.  His staff was decorating a cake that was a seal balancing cakes with scenes of the city.
 Duff is the scruffy guy in the middle.
 Here Duff is talking to staff about the cakes.
 More consulting on the San Francisco cakes.
 Marty getting Duff's autograph.  We honestly didn't care about the autograph or picture.  But we had been to the booth twice and figured we were there, why not a picture.
 Please notice I got Marty and Duff, Duff on TV, and Duff's logo.  Am I good or not????
To recover from hours of hard work of eating and sampling the great foods of the world, we stopped at a bar on the way to BART.  Marty is ordering Bloody Marys, which make the feet stop hurting.

Today was another fun day of food, martinis, wine.  We enjoyed talking to the vendors.  One booth was mushrooms and truffles from Washington state.  They let us hold a black and a white truffle. The aroma was so wonderful.  People may think only Europe grows truffles, wrong.  Washington state produces wonderful truffles, and for a fraction of cost of the European truffles.

The recurring food today was popcorn. Every way you can think of it:  buttered, cheese, chocolate, caramel, salt, vinegar, and truffles.  The best, of course was the truffles.  Oh my word, how wonderful that was. The Food Show is so much fun, so tiring, so wonderful.  A great 3 days, and tomorrow we probably will go back.

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Poppy said...

Oh my god I would love to go and see something like that.

I must say I enjoy cooking and baking, but I enjoy watching and eating even more. :))