Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is a Bitch

Our son Erik is a very good geologist.  I know this because at a dinner party the owner of the company he worked for told me.  Yet yesterday they laid him off.  Yes, the very good geologist, and several other people have been laid off.  The company lost a major contract, thus no need for the very good geologist.

Erik is taking it much better than Mom is.  I hurt for him, I worry about him and Jennifer. Erik is very confident of his skills, of his work experience, of his superb education.  He says he has great contacts and he will be in a new position soon.  Pray that he is right.

Anyone out there need a very good geologist?  Contact me and I will connect you with Erik. Or on the side of my blog is his blog, Elemental Home.  Click on that and comment on his blog to connect with him.  Spread the word, a very good geologist is available.

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Erik Appel said...

Thanks for the support, Mom. I really appreciate it.