Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesdays at school I love children, at Monday weddings, not so much

Monday when I arrived at the County Building, it was packed.  Packed mainly with screaming children; children running through both lobbies with no adults near them. Children I wanted to just smack up the side of the head. 

It was a fairly busy afternoon.  I did 6 wedding ceremonies and there were 2 Spanish ones.  Some of the weddings stand out for one main reason: children that have never heard the word NO. What is so hard about telling a two year old no, stop that, knock it off?  But I digress.

I had a gorgeous Hispanic couple.  She was stunning, he was movie star handsome.  She wore a white cocktail dress with an orange shawl, it worked.  He was in a black slacks and a mint green shirt.  Lots of family and their toddler son. The Child From Hell!!!!! Turns out he was one running and screaming through the lobbies.  He started screaming as we got on the elevator, and continued, not a tear in his eyes.  He wanted to take the pictures of the wedding.  That right, take the pictures with the only decent camera in the room.  He screamed and screamed until I thought my ears would bleed.  The bride and groom just ignored him until finally they gave in and took the camera from the adult and gave it to the child. When they tried to take it away in order to take pictures later, he started up again.  He won.  They probably have crappy pictures and they deserve them.  He continued to scream about something else as the paper work was done and until they left the building.

Next couple, a clone of the child above.  Screaming and screaming, and screaming.  No reason to scream, no adult saying no, adults giving in to the child.  Two children who should be on the poster for Birth Control.

I had some weddings with no children which were nice and quiet, and dignified.  And then the last wedding, they had two little girls.  Oh no, please don't be screamers.  And they weren't. This was a fun wedding and a well dressed group too.  The bride had on  gray slacks and a lavender blouse with deep shades of lavender jewelry.  The groom had on  grey slacks and shirt with a lavender tie.  But the little girls, oh they were just darling.  The toddler had on a pinkish burgundy organza dress.  She had a pink flower in her hair and silver Mary Janes on her feet.  The older sister (maybe 4 years old) had on a burgundy organza dress with a headband and flower to match.  On her feet silver little girl heels.   A very stylish family.  I told them they won the well behaved children award.

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