Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding, and stuff

Monday was a legal holiday, Martin Luther King Day, so the county building was closed.  That is how I got to go to the Fancy Food show with no guilt.  Anyway, Wednesday I went in ready to do lots marriage of ceremonies .  Almost as soon as I sat down they brought me a license.

It was for a very nice couple originally from India.  Their mothers were their witnesses.  And that is as exciting as my day was.  Not another couple came in.  I don't think we even sold a license after that.  I read, I talked to clerks on break.  I checked my email and facebook. I took a walk.  It was a long slow afternoon.

Thursday a friend and I went to lunch.  We both had things going on in our lives that have ticked us off and we needed some girl time to vent. I cheered her up so much that she let out a shriek that turned heads in the restaurant.  She got even, she told me something so funny I nearly spit tea everywhere. Thank goodness for cloth napkins. A successful cheer up session.

Update on the mess with Social Security:  last week after I talked to the Assistant District Manager they agreed to cut us an emergency check.  (Remember they sent our checks for December to a closed bank account.)  The emergency checks were only a percentage of the whole amount.  The rest would be deposited in our bank account in 5 business days.  Right.  Yesterday Marty received the rest of his money in the mail.  Not a deposit, a check.  My check, nothing.  Not in the mail, not in the bank. Guess who gets to start fighting with the idiots at Social Security again.  On a Monday.  That seems appropriate.

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