Saturday, January 8, 2011


The nasty respiratory stuff that Marty and I have still hangs on.  He is too manly man to lie down and rest.  So off to work he went all week.  I made the bed most days so I couldn't get back into it.  But I did "rest" a lot in the recliner.  I am doing some of the domestic requirements for continued civilized living: clean sheets and towels, doing the laundry, ironing (I thought about putting Vicks in the steam iron), some cooking.  No cleaning of course, I am much too sick for that.  I have been fighting this for 12 days, and have yet to be up a full day.

We have had the TV repaired.  It was less than we thought, still expensive.  But if we had to replace the TV it would have cost $$$$.  It was the lamp that went, they are good for 2-3 years.  Ours lasted about 5. So in one way we have been lucky.  As the repairman was leaving he told me the color wheel will go next.  Thanks Mr. Repairman.

Our Kitchen Aid stand mixer will also be repaired.  Again outrageous cost.  But to replace it would be almost three times as much.  We use it for so many things, not just to mix with.  The most use is grinding things up. When we find chuck roast on sale it becomes ground meat.  Much less fat and we know it is safer than store bought ground beef.

The Social Security checks should be deposited on Monday.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I hope to be well enough to do weddings this week and to help with the first graders. The weddings could be busy Tuesday. That is not my day but I plan to go in.  It is 1.11.11, this could be huge.  People love to marry on days with rare number combinations.

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