Monday, January 3, 2011

Why do they call it going Postal? It should be going all Social Security.

Back story:  We changed banks in early November.  We notified agencies that send us money, and agencies that we have automatic withdrawals.  Yet Social Security (SS) can't get it right.  Our November checks went to the old bank.  Marty went back to the SS office redid the paper work and the checks were sent to the correct bank a few days later.  December's checks didn't show up.  Marty went back down to SS last Thursday.  They had again sent the checks to the old bank and the checks had been returned.  (that last sentence is important, remember it) They said don't worry we will cut you emergency checks.  Oops the woman with power to do that has left for the day.  Come back on Monday. The checks are now 13 days late.

Today is Monday.  I drug myself out of my sick bed.  (I have a really bad cold and a serious cough.  So serious I cough until I throw up.  I have 8 hour pills that work for about 4 hours.  I have not been out of the house for a week.)  SS told Marty to bring his wife so she could get her emergency check.  The wife is there and checks in.  The clerk listens to the story, last week no one had put anything in the computer.  She is typing away. Well, she says this is irregular, but go sit down and we will cut your check.  Finally another clerk calls us and we have to tell the story again.  She is typing away.  She can't cut a check, no one can cut a check.  They don't do that. WTH?????  She tells us to sit down someone else will help us. 

Third clerk calls us up.  "What is the problem?" What the hell are they typing into the computer while we sit there?  Are they played Jewel Quest?  We tell the story again.  They have no record of the check being returned, so they can not give us an emergency check.  Marty told him he had seen the paper showing the checks were returned.  No, no such item.  So sorry and other BS.  In three to five business days the checks will be deposited in your account. Good bye.

I suggested they do a little training and get their stories the same.  Some would give us checks, some say it is against regulations. I have the last clerk's name and phone extension.  At least when they screw it up again we have someone to start with.

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