Monday, January 17, 2011

Fancy Food Show Part 1

Today Marty and I went to the Fancy Food Show.  This is an incredible display of food from all around the world.  There were at least 1500 vendors from 50 countries and 17000 attendees.  Wonderful foods to taste, look at, some not so wonderful, some to laugh at, some to spit out.

 We arrive at the show.  No idea who these people are, it is all about the sign.
Each booth is different, some are really elaborate as above, some just a table with samples.  There are wonderful cheeses, hams, sausages, truffles, pastas, chocolates, pates, pickles, and any other kind of food product you can think of.
 Ready to enter the rest of the world.  There were great hams, cheese, olives oils, olives, tomatoes, wines, beers.  Interestingly, whenever Marty and I approached a wine booth we became invisible.  We have noticed this for years.  Really strange.
 Then on to Italy.  Again great cheese, wine, olive, olive oils, tomatoes.
 You will never guess what this copy of the Mono Lisa is made of.  Give up, Jelly Bellys. 
 Click on this to see the info on making the "paintings". 
 Starry Night out of Jelly Bellys.
Marty and I took 16 pictures of this machine and never got the picture we wanted.  Rice dough went into the the machine, it was cooked like a waffle, and then it was kicked out.  I mean really kicked out it would fly across the bin, hit the glass and drop in.  Seriously fun to watch, impossible to to catch on camera.

We spent 5 hours at the show in the South Hall. Our feet gave out and we went home.  Tomorrow the North Hall and and another 5 hours of sampling foods.  If our feet hold out, Tuesday we will finish the tour of food.

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