Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I don't always work on Reading and Math skills.

What is in this pot??????

When I walked into the classroom today, all the tables were covered with newspaper.  Ms. H. laughed when she saw  my face.  I knew we had an art project, and that is not one of my strong points. When I took Art for Elementary Teachers, the teacher told me my projects looked like a first grader did them.  It hurt my feelings, yet it was so very true.

So back to the picture, it is a pot of glue, flour, water  to use with paper mache projects.  The children are making paper mache globes.  They have applied one coat of glue and newspaper to a blown up balloon.  Today we did the second coat.

 Above is a sack of carefully cut rectangles of newspaper.  The children had plates with glue, swiped the paper on both sides in it, and applied to the globe. 
Each globe is drying while resting on a plastic container.  When fully dry, they will paint them, placing oceans and continents on them.  Remember these are being made by first graders.  I am impressed every year when they do these.

I really wanted to take pictures of the gluey children, but not really a cool thing to do.  It was interesting to watch them work.  Some jumped right in, slapping paper on and let the glue fly.  Some hated touching the glue and "icky" globe.  And who were these neatniks?  They were all little boys. 

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