Saturday, April 30, 2011


My refrigerator smells wonderful.  In fact my whole kitchen smells great.  We make sausage today.  Well, mainly Marty did most of the work.  I helped some.  We bought a pork butt and some casings.  Then Marty washed the casings, chopped the meat into cubes, poured magic herbs and spices on the meat, and let it marinate for almost a day.  Then he started making the meat into sausage.

                       Before grinding the meat, Marty added white wine to it.
                            Marty is adding the meat to the meat grinder. 
                           And another handful of pork cubes are added.
 At this point after the meat is ground you get the casings out.  They are pushed onto the stuffing tube.  One person adds the meat (Marty adds, he has stopped to take a picture of his helper.) and the other one contols the meat going into the casing.  You have to push the casing off the spout which is to the left of my hands.  You can't do it too fast or there will be air pockets in the sausage.  If you are too slow, the casing will have a blow out. I did good.  No air pockets and no blowouts.
 At a certain point, no more sausage will come out of the spout.  But there is still meat in there.  Marty is cleaning out the meat in there.  We made patties of the meat he cleaned out.  So we have sausage in casings and patty sausage.
 This is Sicilian Fennel sausage.
 Here we have Portuguese Linguisa.
And this is Polish Kielbasa.

Tomorrow we probably will have the patty sausage for breakfast. In the bottom two pictures you can see the patties in deli paper.  The link sausage will be for later this week.  

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