Friday, April 22, 2011

A mixed bag of Weddings

This week the nine weddings were average in trouble, drama, sweetness.

I think I will begin with the first wedding of the week and get them out of the way.  I also wanted them out of my wedding room.  It started so well,  They were an Indian couple in traditional dress, as were the women guests.  Everyone looked stunning.  Then it all went to hell in a hand basket.

When we entered the wedding room, I couldn't get the group to stop talking so I could give instructions and get information.  They would not hush. They talked over me.  That did not sit well with me and I used what my husband and son call my school teaching voice.  Finally I gained control and began the ceremony.  The talking continued, they were telling the couple to pose this way, that way and they did.  Just ignoring that they were being married.  During the vows the groom froze as often happens, and I began again.  Everyone started yelling at him, shouting what he was to say.  I totally lost my cool and told them to be quiet.  I was the only one allowed to talk at this time.  They kept talking, not translating,  just talking, talking, and talking. Then I had trouble getting them to leave the room so I could do the next wedding.    RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!

Deep breath.  All better.

There were some good looking and some interesting outfits this week. 

One bride wore a coral colored floor length dress.  It had a rope braid on the halter top.  Over it she wore a long white lacy vest.  In the elevator the groom told me they would be the easiest couple of the day.  And they were.

I had one couple in royal blue, his shirt and her almost there dress.  She was very well endowed.  The dress had a deep V top let us say a size 36 B.  The bride was a 38 D.  Picture the strain on the dress and what was popping out.  Yet the couple was so sweet and so in love.  All through the ceremony the groom kept kissing the top of the bride's head.

The bride was from Columbia, the groom from Brazil. Their parents were there for the ceremony and a couple of aunts.  All the men wore boutonnieres, all the women had corsages.  The bride carried a nosegay.  All the flowers were yellow roses.  The room smelled like heaven.  The neat thing they did was have all the family stand up with them.  They had a professional photographer so no problem getting pictures of the ceremony.

Another couple was so cute.  He was lean and lanky, tie on with his shirt tail out.  She was tiny and short, at least a foot shorter than the groom.  She wore a green ruffled chiffon blouse and a cream colored lined lace skirt.  He asked for a short ceremony, he was very nervous.  After I pronounced them he looked at the bride and said, "That was short and sweet, just like you are."

My favorite couple were in their late 30s.  They had two little girls, one around 9 or 10 the other 3 years old.  The groom wore jeans and a sport shirt.  The bride, a largish woman, wore a white tee shirt with gold trim and white knit capris.  They both were very nervous and the 3 year old was not helping.  She was yelling and trying to run around.  The mother lost it and yelled, "You are not ruining my wedding.  I have never done this before and I want it nice.  Sit down and be quiet."   That did not work long.  I did my child whisperer thing and asked the older child to help the little one sit still.  It worked.  During the ceremony we had quiet.  The couple clung to each other, both had tears in their eyes.  There was love in the room.

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